About us


Know about SRD Pharma

We are a accredited independent analytical laboratory with operations in North America, Canada, India, Middle East and Africa. Serving the best in the business among pharmaceuticals, food testing, neutralceuticals, water and industrial chemical analysis. Our expertise includes analysis of drugs, food products, organic materials, inorganic materials, water, oil, analytical method validation and process validation using advanced techniques of HPLC (with RI Detector UV detector, Fluorescence detector, Diode Array Detector, quaternary system with chiller) etc.

Our Mission

To become market leaders in the pharmaceutical industry by always putting our customers first.

Our Values

Customer centricity, Quality, Innovation and Honesty.

Certified Independent Analytical Laboratory

SRD Pharma is a certified independent analytical laboratory, serving the best in the business of pharmaceuticals. We also provide services in food testing, nutraceuticals, water and industrial chemical analysis. Our laboratory is equipped with superior quality modern scientific equipment for guaranteed precise results with four independent sections of Instruments, Chemicals, Microbiology and Food.

Our highly trained team of analysts with years of experience across various technical fields ensure accurate results as fast as possible. The areas of our expertise include analysis of drugs, organic materials, food products, water, oil, inorganic materials, analytical method validation and process validationusing advanced techniques of HPLC (with RI Detector, UV detector, Diode Array Detector, Fluorescence detector, quaternary system with chiller), UV spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption, GC (with Auto sampler & Head Space), FTIR, Spectrophotometer with Hydride generator, Dissolution, Liquid particle counter, Potentiometer, etc.

Why choose SRD Pharma?

  • We at SRD Pharma believe in becoming the most cost-effective, efficient, and dependable testing facility for drugs, water & food.
  • The quality of our products is ensured by state-of-the-art analytical facilities. Our experienced chemists work hard to provide excellent quality products.
  • We make sure that our team performs without any kind of fear, pressure or prejudice.
  • Customer satisfaction is of the highest priority at our company. That is why we have a dedicated team of professionals for customer service positioned to ensure customer satisfaction and technical support.