Why Food and Water Testing is Important?


Present day food industry requires testing and testing is very a crucial step that must be followed strictly to provide superior quality food and not to harm public health in any way. Food testing is an important part of reliable production of harmless and valuable food products. Food adulteration is a problem that our society is facing nowadays. To overcome this problem, testing food quality is of utmost importance. Testing water is equally important as water quality is crucial to many different industries and activities. SRD Pharma is trusted chemicals manufacturer and supplier that also analyses the health of food and water and carry out regular tests to check and maintain the quality of water and food. These tests are necessary in order to ensure that the water source is safe for consumption by humans as well as animals.

There are a lot of challenges faced by the food industry. These can vary from contaminants to genetically modified microorganisms. Food quality is the most important factor behind the grown and development of a food company. Food testing is a way to ensure that you are providing superior quality food. Testing can be done in many ways but testing at the source makes the process more affordable and is also time efficient.

Types of Food Tests

  1. Organic Food Testing: The main feature of organically grown food is that it should be chemical free. Moreover, it should be grown without using any artificial fertilizers and pesticides. The organic food testing is done in order to find out if there is any presence of these pesticides and fertilizers.
  2. Pesticide Residue Analysis: Pesticide residue analysis tests help in identifying the residues of pesticides which are generally used to kill insects and increase crop production.
  3. Gluten-Free Food Test: There are people who are gluten intolerant and who only consume gluten free food. These food items must be tested to check if there is gluten present in food.
  4. Dairy Products Testing: These tests are done on dairy products to to determine ash, dispensability, fat, alkalinity, lactose, non – fatty substances, minerals, etc.

Types of Water Tests

Some of the tests that are done on water to determine its quality are mentioned below:

  • Tests to determine Nitrate level: High nitrate content in a drinking water supply can be fatal to humans and that is the reason why it is required to be tested.
  • Tests to check the pH level of water: It is advised that pH level of drinking water must be between 6.5 and 8.5. Water with pH below 6.5 is can be dangerous and should not be consumed.
  • Tests to check the magnesium and calcium content: The term “Hard Water” is used for the water that has high content of magnesium and calcium. These tests are run to find out their content.

The quality of the food and water you consume has a direct impact on your health and that’s why it is recommended that Food and water must be tested.