Importance of Raw Material Testing & Analysis for Pharmaceutical Industry


The quality of the outputs is only as excellent as the quality of the inputs. If you don't first examine the quality of the raw materials, improving production procedures won't get you very far. Pollutants and impurities in the inputs can have an adverse influence on the end product's quality, effectiveness, and safety. Understanding the impurity level that begins to jeopardise final goods will assist you in maintaining quality production methods, avoiding costly recalls, and even optimising supply chain fluctuations and process costs.

Since dozens of raw materials and components are utilised in the process of creating the final pharmaceutical product, it is difficult to ensure that each component is of high quality. Entering the production process will be impossible until the materials have been thoroughly tested for quality. Furthermore, using low-quality raw resources will result in a low-quality end product, which may need product recall. This can have a major impact on both material prices and reputation. As a result, raw material testing in medicines is required.

Pharmaceutical raw material testing is performed to ensure that all inbound resources meet the necessary norms and regulations. Simply put, an unsatisfactory supply will undermine the safety and quality of the finished product. Furthermore, it will result in manufacturing delays and severe time and expense waste. As a result, testing laboratories assist pharmaceutical businesses in establishing raw material standards from the first phases of medication development.

Before a pharmaceutical product or medical device is released for public use or sale, it must be authorised. Material analysis, DSC analysis, chemical tests, physical characterization, NMR testing, FTIR testing, and other procedures can be carried out by testing laboratories in accordance with the requirements and safety regulations provided by the officials. Chemical labs have normally conducted raw material testing and prepared reports to verify their quality and appropriateness for use in pharmaceutical medication compositions. They are well-equipped to carry out the complex processes required for raw material testing.

With years of expertise in the examination of raw materials and completed products, we are Canada's leading pharmaceutical testing facility. We provide a full testing solution for pharmaceutical raw materials such as pharmaceutical drug compounds, intermediates, excipients, and so on. Our years of practice in chemical analysis, physical classification, and microbiological analysis in accordance with pharmacopeial regulations assist you in meeting these resource and capability difficulties.

SRD Pharma analyses raw materials, both proactive and reactive. This service gives our clients peace of mind that their goods will continue to fulfil the most demanding quality requirements, or it helps them to swiftly discover if initial raw materials are a likely cause of end product foreign particle matter. Our specialists use an all-of-the-above strategy, which may involve microscopy, FTIR, Raman, and/or SEM-EDS based on the demands of the assignment.

The pharmaceutical business employs a wide range of raw materials, and hundreds of substances might be used in the production of a single product. A pharmaceutical company's in-house testing facilities and abilities for all substances and products are sometimes challenging, if not impossible.

Even though all of the facilities are available in-house, there will usually be a strain on the available resources, and it is critical to have a trustworthy partner who can evaluate pharmaceutical raw materials before they can be released and utilised to manufacture pharmaceutical goods. Aside from normal analysis for pharmaceutical raw material release testing, we also conduct method evaluation and development research for all of these tests.

Our laboratories have also assisted various pharmaceutical raw material producers in conducting stability tests on their pharmaceutical drug ingredients and excipients. If you're wanting to quickly identify the cause of contamination in your production or are considering process adjustments, contact us to discover how we can shorten the time it takes you to find a solution.